Why You Should Use Mercury-Free Biocompatible Fillings

Why You Should Use Mercury-Free Biocompatible Fillings

Nov 08, 2021

Many people are ignorant that 50 percent of the silver amalgam fillings that dentists use in dental fillings are mercury. Sometimes, the mercury contained in the fillings can be as much as that contained in a thermometer. Of all the nonradioactive elements on Earth, mercury is the most toxic. At room temperature, mercury vaporizes easily and is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas in this state. There are health risks that are associated with inhaling mercury vapor, no matter the amount of exposure. Mercury can negatively affect the digestive, immune, urinary, and respiratory systems. For this reason, scientific and medical researchers have advised that should ban the use of mercury in all products.

According to the WHO, Adverse health effects from mercury exposure can be tremors, impaired vision and hearing, paralysis, insomnia, emotional instability, developmental deficits during fetal development, and attention deficit and developmental delays during childhood. Recent studies suggest that mercury may have no threshold below which some adverse effects do not occur. If you have mercury fillings, the International Academy of Oral Medicine Toxicology (IAOMT) recommends going to a dentist near you to have them removed. It is better to go for mercury-free biocompatible dentistry because of the patient’s overall wellness, as opposed to just treating only the teeth and the symptoms.

Benefits Of Biocompatible Dentistry

One of the benefits of biocompatible dentistry is safer for both the patient and the dentist. Mercury exposure can lead to neurological problems and seizures. After seven fillings, the level of mercury in the mouth becomes toxic. When a dental facility is mercury-free, it creates a working environment that is healthy and harmless. For example, we all know that what a pregnant woman eats also affects the child. Mercury exposure can also harm an unborn child. After accounting for smoking, drinking, and other harmful habits, a study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health revealed that mercury poses a risk to developing infants.

What Are The Other Options?

There are other options, like composite fillings, that are stronger, and healthier. They mimic natural teeth and are very flexible. When used on a damaged tooth, it becomes stronger. This is not the same with amalgam fillings that break or shrink after some years. This can damage the tooth and make it easy for bacteria to enter the cavity. Contrary to what most people will expect, another remarkable benefit of mercury-free biocompatible dentistry is that its durability comes at a lower cost. This means that they are both safer and pocket-friendly.

The metal fillings can make your smile look less natural and are easily noticeable by other people when you’re talking or laughing. When you go for mercury-free options, can fill the cavity and a broken tooth can be protected with an unnoticeable restoration. This restoration blends with your natural smile. The dentist will use a restoration with a color that matches that of your teeth. Composite resins blend with the teeth of the person wearing them. Making it impossible for anyone to notice them.

It is very easy for mercury to find its way into the water system. After 24 hours of working with amalgam, a dental office can send out mercury, alongside the water leaving the office. This can easily contaminate public water sources by polluting the environment. Removing mercury from dental fillings and dental procedures is one way to make our environment healthier and eco-friendly.

Mercury is very invasive because it goes down to the core of the teeth and destroys them. For this reason, dentists have recommended that composite or mercury-free fillings be used instead. These mercury-free fillings are less invasive. These fillings last longer and the time required to complete the procedure is less than that required for amalgam fillings.

Since it has been proven that mercury-free fillings are safer. There is no reason to risk one’s health when there are other options that can get you better and longer-lasting results. Composite or traditional fillings are safer, even for a pregnant woman and her unborn child. They are stronger, healthier, and cost less, while still giving you your natural smile since they blend with your teeth and are completely unnoticeable. Using mercury-free fillings also helps our environment, since the practice is eco-friendly.

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