Why Should You Go for an Ozone Dental Treatment?

Why Should You Go for an Ozone Dental Treatment?

Dec 01, 2021

Do you find it therapeutic and calming to disinfect your entire household once every couple of weeks? If that is you, you will appreciate a holistic approach to dentistry, called ozone dental treatment in Ellicott City. It is a measure for disinfecting your entire oral cavity to yield various dental benefits that would otherwise require costly restorative treatments in the future.

​What is Ozone Therapy?

It is a dental treatment that wards off any progressive dental decay on your teeth by reducing oral bacteria in your mouth. This advanced therapy has become quite popular for holistic dentistry, fighting various dental infections. If you are not particularly fond of antibiotics, try ozone therapy, which is often offered as an alternative to typical dental antibiotics.

How Ozone Therapy Is Practiced at Julian Dental

Ozone is a powerful component that has been used in medicine since the 1800s and many years later. It is made up of three oxygen atoms bonded together to become a powerful oxidizing component that can destroy various microbes. As such, ozone therapy has been used for disinfecting patients’ mouths and dental offices from various viruses. That said, the dentist administering ozone treatment for teeth must be experienced at it. Julian Dental flaunts a team of expert dental professionals that have handled ozone for a while, gaining mastery in dosages and concentrations relative to the administering techniques for effective outcomes.

When the gas is exposed to your mouth, the negative charge of ozone is attracted to specific areas of infections and inflammation. The gas begins to kill any active bacteria and neutralize any acidity that is the primary cause of oral infections. Once the pH levels in your mouth change, it becomes unfavorable for bacteria to thrive, hence overcoming various oral infections.

When Is Ozone Therapy Used?

  1. For the performance of the root canal – when treating the insides of your tooth, an endodontist can employ ozone to disinfect the root canal, preventing future re-infection.
  2. For treating infected gums – patients with gingivitis and periodontitis can benefit from ozone therapy. When applied or exposed to your mouth, ozone will target the diseased parts of your gums to aggressively kill any bacteria, preventing the further spread and advancement of the infection.
  3. Speeding up healing – other than killing bacteria and pathogens that easily deter speedy healing and infect a wound, ozone initiates a healing response from the body, which will speed up the healing process after any dental treatment.
  4. Hardening your enamel – ozone can harden your tooth’s structure, building strong teeth that resist sensitivity.

Is It Safe to Have Ozone Therapy?

Although ozone therapy gets a lot of hype and praise for holistic dentistry, there can be potential dangers, especially if not done by experienced personnel. Generally, ozone therapy for dentistry is considered safe. However, the dosages, concentration, and method of administration can predispose you to certain risks. For one, when inhaled as a gas, ozone is toxic to your health, causing pulmonary health complications while posing damage to other vital organs in your body.

​What Are the Advantages of Ozone Therapy?

​When you visit a dentist office near you for dental infections, various alternatives and approaches can come up for your treatment. Some of the reasons you should prefer ozone therapy are:

  1. It is a non-invasive procedure – no cutting, drilling, or numbing is necessary for your treatment. You skip the feeling of grogginess and fatigue common during typical dental procedures.
  2. No downtime for recovery – since no pain or invasiveness occurs during your treatment, you will not need a day or more to recover from your treatment.
  3. Overcoming tooth sensitivity – our dentists have found that many patients complaining of hypersensitive teeth feel better after ozone therapy.
  4. Fighting harmful bacteria – only a dentist can fully understand the impact of harboring harmful bacteria in your mouth for a long time. From dental cavities and tooth decay to gums infections, your mouth will thank you for destroying oral bacteria through ozone therapy.
  5. Preventing the need for restorative dental treatments – tooth extractions and replacements are common procedures that patients need to undergo after having severe infections in their mouths, which you can avoid with ozone treatment.

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