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When Does Emergency Dentistry Become Essential?

Sep 01, 2020

If you are affected by a dental issue, prompt treatment must be sought from your family dentist. However, if the problem occurs beyond office hours, weekends, or holidays, you will need to search for emergency dental care near you.

It is always essential to understand the difference between a general dental issue and one that needs prompt treatment. Let us give you an overview of what dental emergencies are.

How Do You Identify Dental Emergencies?

It is common for people to experience pain in the oral cavity or teeth on occasions. Some problems can undoubtedly wait for the family dentist, but others demand prompt attention to prevent illness or eliminate serious infections.

Emergency dentistry is typically needed to address trauma to the mouth or broken teeth, loosened or broken fillings, and dental abscesses. Unfortunately, affected individuals find it challenging to determine whether the specific issue affecting them needs attention from emergency dentistry or not.

Generally, you can identify an emergency dental or oral the issue by asking yourselves any of the following questions:

  • Are you affected by severe pain or bleeding?
  • Do you have a knocked-out tooth that can be saved with prompt treatment?
  • Have your adult teeth loosened?
  • Do you see any signs of infection with fever, a foul smell, or swelling around your face and gums?

If you have answered positively to any of the questions, it will become necessary for you to seek immediate treatment from the dentist in Ellicott City.

What Is Not a Dental Emergency?

Dental issues that can wait for a couple of days don’t require attention from emergency dental care. In many cases, problems that appear critical are not as severe as believed. A cracked or chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt or have any sharp fragments harmful for your mouth can wait for a visit to your regular dentist during office hours. Emergency dentistry will not be required for toothache if the pain is not severe and you do not have any signs of an abscess like pimples on your gums, swelling in the face, and high fever.

If you have lost fillings or crowns, you do not need to rush for emergency dental care near you because the issue can wait for a few days before you see your dentist. Lost crowns can be temporarily fixed back by using over-the-counter dental cement or denture adhesive. Sugar-free gum can be filled into a cavity if you have lost a filling.

The Importance of Emergency Dental Care

Prompt dental treatment can help to preserve the teeth and functionality and address the risks of severe infections that have long-term consequences. Emergency dentistry can as well alleviate severe pain to allow patients to continue meeting work and family commitments. Emergency dental care is an intelligent alternative to conventional emergency rooms that only offer limited care but charge exorbitant fees while asking you to contact a dentist to correct the issue in your mouth.

How Does the Dentist Ellicott City Handle Dental Emergencies?

This dental professional offers prompt dental care for dental issues, which can arise at any time beyond office hours. During standard office hours, the dental team at Julian Centre for Comprehensive Dentistry will do their best to accommodate you for a same-day appointment. An opportunity to speak with one of the treatment coordinators over the phone to receive guidance on how to care for your issue before the appointment is also provided.

Existing patients of this facility benefit from after-hours on-call service that has been arranged by the dental professional. Patients can call the office number and follow the prompts to leave a message confident with the knowledge that one of the on-call dentists will return the call at the earliest.

Approximately 22 percent of Americans are encountering dental emergencies frequently. Unfortunately, they are rushing to emergency rooms with little or no information about whether the affliction affecting them needs emergency treatment or not. Even more disturbing is the fact that people are visiting facilities incapable of alleviating the actual problem affecting them. People are paying exorbitant fees only to receive painkillers or antibiotics, along with a suggestion to visit a dentist’s office for the treatment they need. Therefore it would be helpful if people attempted to learn what dental emergencies are and to seek treatment from the appropriate professionals for best results.

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