Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal in Ellicott City, MD 

Regain the Healthy Smile You Deserve

If you’re one of the countless people who are looking for safe, effective, gentle, and holistic oral health options from a dentist, you’ll be pleased to read about one of the popular modern treatments offered at Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry – the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings.

Mercury Poisoning is a Real Thing

It’s hard to believe that modern dentists would use materials that could be potentially toxic to your health, but it’s true. As one of the most popular dental filling materials, mercury amalgam is a highly toxic element. Although the material is used in small amounts, its use contains certain health risks such as anorexia, delusions, hearing loss, kidney failure, insomnia, mood swings, depression, irritability, nervousness, and more. The reason for the wide array of complications is simple: toxic effects from mercury can settle in any organ of the human body.

It’s a New Day in Modern Dentistry

Instead of living through the worry of whether or not your old silver fillings are slowly wreaking havoc on your health, why not make plans to have them removed and replaced with biocompatible dental materials used by our dentists in Ellicott City at Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry? As a form of preventive dentistry and general wellness, the safe removal and replacement of mercury amalgam fillings with a more holistic material is something that anyone looking for optimum health should consider.

Trust Your Smile – and Your Health – to the Professionals at Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry

Even though the process of removing and replacing an amalgam filling may be something that’s promoted as a simple process in the dental profession, patients should insist on safe mercury amalgam removal in Ellicott City, MD, as we do in our biological dentist office near you. Without this advanced technology, patients could be exposed to even more harmful effects of the toxic substance. We use a Mercury Scavenger to prevent the mercury amalgam removed from the patient’s mouth from going into the water waste system, along with other protective equipment to protect both our patients, team members, and the dentist during the removal process. If you’re looking for safe mercury amalgam removal near you, call us today to schedule an appointment as your first step to optimal health.

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