Alternative Root Canal Treatments and Procedures in Ellicot City, MD

We Focus on Total Body Health to Prevent Ischemic Bone Disease

You may be unfamiliar with Ischemic Bone Disease, but you should know what they mean to your overall health. Because the team is committed to natural, effective, and safe dental care, it should go without saying that Ischemic Bone Disease is on the top of our list of things to be avoided – and one of the easiest ways to avoid them is through the proper removal of root canal teeth from our dentist near you.

Our Commitment to Excellence in the Removal of Root Canal Teeth

One of our over-riding commitments at the dentistry is to educate patients on the link between systemic health and oral health. This includes providing information about the dangerous bacteria and chemical toxins that are often a by-product of root canal therapy near you. If you’d like to gain a deep understanding of the scientific and medical reasons to avoid root canal treatment, our dentists will be happy to provide an overview and answer your questions, but as a simple explanation, a root canal performed improperly can often result in anaerobic bacteria that lead to permanent bone loss.

Avoid the Risk of Bone Loss: Call the Caring Team at Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry

Rather than take the risk of toxins in your system or the silent devastation of bone loss in your jaw, choose an alternative holistic dental treatment for a dead or dying tooth by making an appointment for natural, safe, and gentle dentistry.

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