Pain Free Dentistry in Ellicott City, MD

Is it really possible to go to the Dentist and have a great experience without discomfort or pain?

Well, at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we are on a mission to change the paradigm of going to the dentist near you. No more jokes about how awful going to the Dentist is.

We have many of our patients express that their dental experience did not feel like anything they had in the past. In fact, many say it feels more like going to a spa.

We offer holistic remedies, including nutritional supplements and homeopathy, to help you feel relaxed before your appointment. In addition, we offer very relaxing music through a set of headphones, as well as a device that connects to your ears to put your body into an alpha state- this is the first state you enter when you are falling asleep.

So you’re probably thinking, well, that sounds great, but what about getting numb and the sound of the drill? Well, we have found a way to eliminate that in most dental treatments with the use of the new Fotona Laser. This eliminates the use of any drilling or anesthesia in 90% of the cases for treating cavities. If we do need to use anesthesia, we will use The Wand, which is a pain-free instrument to deliver anesthesia.

And if that isn’t enough, we provide relaxation following your treatment with several different options, including massage therapy, Reiki, and the Light Portal.

This certainly doesn’t sound like any Dental office I’ve ever been to.

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