Nutritional Counseling in Ellicott City, MD, with a Holistic Nutrition Counselor
Renee Belz Nutrition Counselor at Julian Center
Renee Belz
Certified Nutritional Consultant

How We Can Help

If you’re looking for a dentist near you in Ellicott City, MD, that practices a whole-body philosophy when it comes to your dental care, look no further than the services offered at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry. Dr. Sambataro and Dr. Reicher will provide you with a roadmap to help you stay ahead of costly and painful oral health conditions and may recommend an appointment with our Certified Nutritional Consultant, Renee Belz. She works virtually and offers phone and video appointments.

Optimum Health is Our Top Priority at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry

Our overarching goal is to provide the highest quality comprehensive dental care to our patients while never losing focus on the connection between dentistry and whole-body health. When you visit our Ellicott City dentist’s office, one of the first things you’ll notice is the level of attention we pay to you, as the individual you are, each time you visit our office – whether it’s for nutritional counseling or general dentistry services in Ellicott City.

You Are Our Top Priority

One of the ways we let you know how important you are to us as an individual with unique needs is through our comprehensive health questionnaire. We won’t just skim over the information you provide us. We will thoroughly review it and ask clarifying questions so your nutritional counseling plan can be uniquely tailored to your body, your needs, and your goals. One of the things that our patients tell us on an almost daily basis is how much they appreciate the personal care they receive without ever feeling rushed or “like a number.”

Holistic Nutritional Counseling from a Dentist Near You

Our entire dental team at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry is focused on the link between systemic health and oral health. When we combine nutrition counseling as a holistic approach in general dentistry, patients can optimize their health through several nutrition and lifestyle changes.

If you’re ready to embrace a natural, effective, and safe approach to pain-free dentistry, we invite you to call the expert team at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry today!

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