Healthy Start for Sleep Disordered Breathing in Ellicott City, MD

Help Your Child Get the Sleep They Need to Grow and Thrive with HealthyStart™

When many people think of sleeping disorders, their minds immediately turn to adults who have sleep apnea or other disruptive sleep patterns. But did you know that your child might be experiencing a sleep disorder that could be negatively impacting their quality of life in ways that you hadn’t considered? Our dentist can provide a solution for sleep-disordered breathing (SBD) in children with the use of HealthyStart™ technology.


The Proof is in the Numbers

Research shows us that 9 out of 10 children suffer from SBD. The most common conditions that parents will notice include dark circles under their child’s eyes, bedwetting, nightmares, mouth breathing, and symptoms of ADD and ADHD. What’s most problematic about sleep-disordered breathing near you in children is that as children mature, the condition can lead to a lower IQ, chronic allergies, aggressive behavior, crooked teeth, daytime drowsiness, and more.


What You Can Do Today to Protect Your Child for Their Future

Although many of the symptoms listed above are common in children, and many parents view them as simply a phase their child is going through, they could also be signals of SDB. Early treatment is recommended as a way to help your child avoid carrying these behaviors and symptoms into adulthood. At the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we offer HealthyStart as a proven technology to correct breathing abnormalities caused by underdeveloped dental arches and jaws as well as compromised airways.


What to Expect from Treatment for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SBD) in Children

As a premier biological dental practice, the team at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry is committed to providing natural, safe, and effective solutions for optimum health. One of the many solutions we offer includes HealthyStart treatment through a series of comfortable dental appliances that are used to correct the growth of erupting teeth. Contact us today to learn more about HealthyStart in Ellicott City, MD.


Make Your Child’s Experience Less Stressful: We Treat Sleep Disorders in Adults Too

As a multi-specialty dentist, we also treat sleeping disorders in adults. If you suffer from a sleeping disorder and want to help make your child’s visit to our office less stressful for them, why not make back-to-back appointments so your child can see how easy and pain-free your assessment is?

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