Gum Disease in Ellicott City, MD

Essential Gum Care for Optimal Oral Health

Gum disease is a serious problem resulting in more than just bad breath. Gum infections have been linked to cancer, low weight births, cardiovascular issues, stroke, and diabetes.

Because the mouth is connected to the rest of the body through the digestive tract, the circulatory system, and the lymphatic system, gum disease is really a systemic disease. In fact, many diseases first show up in the mouth, such as bleeding gums from diabetes, hormonal changes, low hydrochloric acid, vitamin deficiencies, leukemia, and many others.

We know that a daily routine of oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing, irrigation, and an anti-microbial herbal rinse, is important. However, to maintain healthy gums, it is just as important to address your diet and nutrition.

Your diet and nutrition contribute to the strength of your immune system, providing the proper macro and micronutrients and sufficient antioxidants to provide the necessary resistance to gum disease.

Many years ago, Dr. Weston Price showed in his research that those populations around the world that consumed naturally grown (unprocessed and pesticide-free) foods did not develop gum disease or cavities. And they did not have any sophisticated electric toothbrushes, rinses, etc.

In addition, they didn’t need to take supplements because their food supply was nutrient-rich. Unfortunately, today, even if you are eating everything organic, you still can’t get enough nutrients because the soil is so depleted. We have also been exposed to so much more stress and environmental pollutants than our ancestors that supplementation is almost mandatory.

At the Julian Center, we can evaluate your current gum health by physically examining the gum tissue as well as examining a plaque sample on the microscope, a procedure very few dentists use. Based on this and some further testing, we can design a program to completely eliminate your gum disease and prevent you from losing any teeth.

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