Exams and Cleanings in Ellicott City, MD

At the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Ellicott City, MD, we recommend that all our patients come in for regular exams and cleanings. Many people tend to skip going to the dentist on a regular basis when they’re not experiencing dental pains.

Keeping up with these visits is important to preserve your dental health. If you only came to the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry when something was bothering you, then that means that a problem has already occurred. That’s something we try to prevent. Nothing compares to natural teeth, and that’s why we want to keep them in perfect health for as long as possible.

Exams and Cleanings

What happens during these visits? We start by examining your oral cavity to look for any signs of decay, cavities, or infection. We also check for potential tumors or masses. First, we inspect the oral cavity. Whether or not we identify anything via inspection, we’ll need to palpate using special instruments. Any detected abnormalities will have to be further investigated and treated.

Cleanings are part of these visits too. They’re important to remove built-up plaque and tartar. We don’t like leaving these over teeth because they harbor bacteria, which can eventually lead to serious gum infections. Removing plaque at home is almost impossible because it requires special instruments.


It’s not just about examining your dental cavity and cleaning plaque off your teeth. During these visits, we’ll give you advice tailored specifically for you on how to keep your teeth in the best shape possible. Nutritional intervention and advice will also be talked about. What we eat plays a huge role in determining our overall and dental health.

We recommend all our patients drink plenty of water, eat nutrient-dense vegetables, and focus on healthy protein and fat. Cutting back on snacks, as well as high-sugar foods, is very helpful.

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