Exams and Cleanings in Ellicott City, MD

Regular comprehensive dental exams and cleanings go a long way in safeguarding your oral health. By prioritizing preventive dentistry, you lower your risk of developing dental problems significantly, thus avoiding invasive, complicated, and costly restoration procedures in the future.

Here at Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we leverage years of experience and advanced technology to ensure you get excellent service during your dental exams and cleanings. If you’re in good oral health, we recommend coming in every six months for thorough examinations and cleanings. If you have long-term dental health issues, our dentist may recommend coming in more frequently.

What to Expect

We have invested in modern dental technology to guarantee efficiency and comfort. We use intraoral cameras that allow us to get crisp views and images of your oral cavity. We have digitized the x-ray process, thus minimizing exposure to radiation for both the patients and our staff.

We rely on Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) 3D digital x-rays for dental radiography. These allow us to get better insights in comparison to 2D x-rays. Three-dimensional dental radiography allows for enhanced accuracy and precision, thus enabling our dentists to diagnose pathologies that might go undetected on 2D scans quickly.

For the early detection of dental caries, Spectra is our go-to technology. Spectra is an innovative solution that utilizes fluorescent technology to detect cavity-causing bacteria in your teeth. Early identification of caries and risk factors for the same allows for timely intervention. The earlier we detect your cavities, the less invasive the treatment required.

For gentle scaling (removal of plaque deposits from your teeth), we use Piezo instrumentation. Piezo ultrasonic scalers offer enhanced efficiency and greater comfort, resulting in painless scaling. Piezo devices also come in handy during surgeries.

We also provide non-toxic polishes, rinses, and toothpaste.

Caring for Your Teeth at Home

Practicing proper dental habits at home helps to supplement regular dental exams and cleanings. At-home dental hygiene sets a solid foundation that supports the work done by your dentist. We recommend that all our patients stay hydrated and healthy by drinking plenty of water and eating a nutrient-dense diet, including vegetables. It’s also essential to focus on healthy protein and fat. Reducing your intake of snacks and high-sugar foods also boosts your oral and overall health.
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