Dental Sealants in Ellicott City, MD

Most young adults today have few experiences with dental decay. Their teeth are in great shape thanks to the dental innovation of dental sealants. Dentists first used sealants in the 1960s, but they became more popular for kids’ teeth during the 1980s. Though they can prevent over 80 percent of cavities, some parents question whether dental sealants procedure are safe to use.

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

Applying a sealant to the chewing surfaces of teeth is a great way to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Our dentists use them to cover the surfaces of chewing teeth, which are the premolars and molars. These teeth do the majority of chewing, so they are the most susceptible to tooth decay.

These teeth also have many crevices in which food particles can stick. For people who don’t brush thoroughly, especially young children who don’t have the coordination to clean their teeth thoroughly, seal out food particles and drink residue from sticking in and between teeth.

How Long are Sealants Effective

The CDC, which is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says that studies show that sealants can stay in place for nine years. They are still at least 50 percent effective after four years, so it’s important that they stay in place. If the sealant shows signs of wear or has tears in it, one of our dentist near you at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry can easily repair it.

Our dentists only need to recover the surface of your teeth with the sealant. Once the sealant is back in place, you can use your teeth as you usually do. After it’s dry, you don’t need to do anything else but eat your favorite foods and care for your teeth as you would otherwise protect them from tooth decay. We also check for biocompatibility with every individual.

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