Holistic Dentistry: What It Is, How It Emerged and Some of Its Wonderful Benefits

Holistic Dentistry: What It Is, How It Emerged and Some of Its Wonderful Benefits

May 01, 2020

You might have heard about the term holistic dentistry, perhaps from a friend or colleague, and it left you wondering what it meant and what it entails.

Holistic living seems to be a trend that is quickly catching on even within the medical and dentistry fraternity, and it is not uncommon anymore to hear that someone you know is seeking a holistic medical alternative or approach.

Well, in a nutshell, holistic dentistry in Ellicott City, MD can be described as an alternative form of dentistry that mainly utilizes natural therapies and combines them with conventional treatments to prevent, diagnose, and even remedy dental conditions.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

More people are becoming aware and conscious about what exactly is used in the various treatments they undergo.

This awareness has prompted patients to seek holistic alternatives that focus mainly on not just dealing with the symptomatic after-effects of a disease, but rather on the root cause of the health problem.

Holistic dentistry is a type of dentistry that aims at treating dental conditions and diseases by observing a patient’s entire system and how the oral cavity relates to the current conditions within the patient’s body.

It focuses on remedying these underlying health conditions that are causing your dental diseases and issues—ensuring that the oral conditions are eradicated by dealing with the causative health issue.

It also focuses on using non-toxic alternative treatments such as non-toxic restorative substances that do not have negative health implications on a patient’s system.

How Did Holistic Dentistry Emerge?

Holistic dentistry became a viable alternative when it was discovered that a majority of the treatment options for dental conditions and diseases were incorporated with some toxic elements.

One of those undesirable elements was an amalgam, for instance, that is commonly used in dental filling procedures. Amalgam contains about 50% mercury, which is a toxic and heavy metal that has negative implications on your immune and central nervous system.

Although research, later on, showed that the mercury levels in the amalgam fillings had no health implications, this discovery got a lot of patients wanting to seek better and healthier alternatives.

Patients are more aware of holistic health approaches and treatments. Our dentist in Ellicott City, MD, understands this and is proud to be an exceptional mercury-free dentist.

What Is the Link Between Your Oral Health and Overall Well-Being?

Your oral health plays a vital role in adding up to your overall well-being. This is because your oral cavity is the initial point of entry and the beginning point of most microbial infections that find their way into your bloodstream.

A lot of health conditions can be indicated and singled out by observing your current oral health. For instance, gum disease could be an indication of a chronic illness such as diabetes, HIV, or cardiac conditions.

This is the link our holistic dentist uses to get to the base of most dental conditions or infections while addressing your overall health.

What Are Some Benefits of Holistic Dentistry?

Here are some of the outstanding benefits of it:

  • Holistic Dental Care Regimens are Customized to Fit a Particular Patient’s Needs

Your treatment regimen will be unique to you, and not a one size fits all therapy. Because your system and what it is currently going through might not mirror another individual’s system.

Since holistic dentistry focuses on remedying the root causes of dental diseases, the customized treatment plans will be aimed at meeting your body’s needs and not on the dental issue alone.

  • It Focuses On Your Body’s Overall Wellness

Typically dental procedures focus on your oral health. The amount of detailing that goes into your regular dental checkups and cleanings, or restorative procedures are aimed at keeping your smile flawless, clean, and bright.

Holistic dentistry, however, looks at the dental condition you are suffering from and seeks to find the condition in your body, causing these dental symptoms. It focuses on ensuring that your body is functioning right to eradicate the dental infection.

  • Presents You With Non-toxic and Biocompatible Dental Restorations

Holistic dentistry, for instance, uses non-toxic and biocompatible materials for fillings or crowns such as composite materials during dental restorations.

Our mercury-free dentist avoids using these traditional toxic options such as amalgam, which consists of mercury known to cause other health implications.

  • Advocates for Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

A holistic dentist will strive to ensure you do not have to go through unnecessary painful procedures that affect your overall well-being. The target is to help you maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible.

A dentist office, we believe a healthier body translates into a more robust, beautiful smile.

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