Can Mercury Fillings Be Removed Safely?

Can Mercury Fillings Be Removed Safely?

Oct 01, 2022

Mercury fillings are metal-based dental fillings featuring silver as the primary component.

These fillings feature a metal alloy of different metals like zinc, copper, and mercury. These fillings are usually known as amalgams or silver fillings.

For many years, silver fillings have been the most common restorations for repairing decayed teeth. The reason for their usage are:

  • They are sturdy – the metal alloy creates a sturdy framework for restoring teeth, making amalgams ideal for repairing even the back teeth.
  • They are durable – silver fillings last for a long time, typically between 10 and 20 years.

Are These Dental Fillings the Best Choice?

Although silver fillings are incredible for restoring teeth, they have some downfalls that may make them unideal for restoring teeth.

Some reasons why these fillings may not be ideal for you are:

  • They are not aesthetically pleasing – the color of silver fillings is too conspicuous when you smile.
  • They contract and expand with temperature changes – the structural change can crack or break your natural tooth.
  • They cause allergic reactions – typically due to mercury poisoning.

How Fast Does Mercury Poisoning Happen?

Mercury poisoning from dental fillings can be a scary reality for many. You would need a diagnostic test by your dentist in Ellicott City to determine whether you have mercury poisoning from your tooth fillings or a different source.

Technically, dental amalgams release low levels of mercury. The mercury is released into your body in vapor form. At low levels, mercury should not have toxic effects on your body.

The poisoning is likely to occur if you have high exposure to mercury in your system. Your age and pregnancy status will also impact the reactivity of mercury in your body.

How Do You Know If You Have Mercury Poisoning from Fillings?

Mercury poisoning does not occur in every patient who gets amalgams.

Usually, patients who grind their teeth at night have a higher likelihood of mercury poisoning from dental fillings. The pressure of grinding teeth can trigger mercury leaking.

Some of the factors that can indicate that you have mercury poisoning and need testing are:

  • Metallic taste and moisture in the mouth
  • Recurrent decay
  • Dizziness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Stomach cramps
  • Numbness
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of hearing

Can You Remove Your Mercury Dental Fillings?

Safe mercury amalgam removal in Ellicott City is the primary treatment protocol for mercury poisoning due to dental fillings.

The good news is that our dentists at Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry can safely remove your amalgams to combat ongoing mercury leaking that leads to poisoning.

Understanding Safe Mercury Removal in Dentistry

Few dentists are versed in the removal techniques of silver fillings. The process requires strategic planning and execution to avoid:

  • An upset nervous and immune system
  • A burning mouth
  • Increased exposure to mercury, leading to severe poisoning
  • New health problems resulting from the secondary immune response

To avoid such side effects, your dentist must account for various factors when removing your silver fillings. First, the dentist must account for the positive and negative charges of the silver fillings.

Besides that, (s)he must account for detoxification before, during, and after removal.

Further, it is better to remove all your amalgams within one month. Dental experts invariably report better results within that time frame than when it takes longer.

The goal is to avoid a secondary immune response with gradual mercury filling removal. Still, removing the amalgams is not enough to detox your entire body.

Safe removal of amalgam fillings goes far beyond removing the mercury filling bonded to your tooth.

After removal, your dentist will give you a strategy to excrete the mercury that may have accumulated in your system to avoid autoimmune diseases long after the amalgams are out of your mouth.

How Long Does It Take to Get Better After Amalgam Removal?

If you are keen to follow the diet and other guidelines your dentist prescribes, you should feel better in two to three days.

The diet will detox your body from any excessive traces of mercury.

Some tips to help you get better quickly after amalgam removal are:

  • Maintain a diet high in protein
  • Use pure and unprocessed oils
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables
  • Drink a lot of water

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