Dental Fillings in Ellicott City, MD

What Are The Signs That You Need A Dental Filling?

Jun 01, 2023

What Is A Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a common procedure that helps restore teeth damaged by decay or trauma. It involves removing the affected area of the tooth and replacing it with composite resin, amalgam, gold, or porcelain.

Dental fillings are typically used to treat cavities, which are small holes in the teeth caused by bacteria that produce acid. If left untreated, cavities can lead to problems like infections, abscesses, and even tooth loss.

The process of getting a dental filling in Ellicott City, MD, usually begins with an examination by a dentist, who will use tools such as X-rays and probes to determine the extent of the damage. Once the problem has been identified, the dentist will numb the area before removing any decayed tissue.

After removing the decay, the dentist will clean and prepare the remaining tooth structure for the filling material.

Dental fillings can be made from a variety of materials. Composite resin fillings are popular because they are tooth-colored, making them less noticeable than other fillings. Amalgam fillings, conversely, are strong and durable but may not be suitable for visible areas of the mouth due to their silver color.

Dental fillings are a safe and effective way to restore damaged teeth.

Signs You Need Fillings

The signs you need teeth fillings include:

  • Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be a real pain. It’s one of the most common signs you may need a dental filling. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, your teeth react to certain stimuli in ways they shouldn’t.

Tooth sensitivity is often caused by exposed dentin, the layer beneath your tooth enamel. When dentin becomes exposed, it can cause nerve irritation and sensitivity. This can happen because of tooth decay, gum disease, or even normal wear and tear.

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, seeing your dentist as soon as possible is important. They can help determine the underlying cause of your sensitivity and recommend appropriate treatment options. A dental filling may be necessary to address any cavities or other damage causing your sensitivity.

  • Pain while biting or chewing

Pain while biting or chewing can indicate that you need a dental filling.

If you experience pain while biting or chewing, seeing a dentist near you as soon as possible is important. Ignoring this type of pain can lead to further damage to your teeth and even infection.

  • Visible holes or cavities on the teeth

Another sign that you may need a dental filling is the appearance of visible holes or cavities on your teeth. The cavity will continue to grow, causing further damage to your tooth and potentially leading to infection.

  • Discoloration or dark spots on the teeth

When left untreated, cavities can spread deep into the tooth, causing discoloration and dark spots. These spots may start small and barely noticeable, but they become more pronounced and even painful as the cavity grows. If you notice any discoloration or dark spots on your teeth, you must immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist in 21042. A dental filling can help stop the progression of decay, restore your tooth to its natural color, and prevent further damage to your smile.

  • Rough or chipped edges on the teeth

Do you notice rough or chipped edges on your teeth? Maybe they feel uneven when you run your tongue over them, or you’ve noticed tiny chips in the enamel. These imperfections may seem minor, but they could sign that you need a dental filling.

If left untreated, these issues can worsen over time, leading to more significant damage, such as tooth sensitivity or infection. By getting a filling early on, you can prevent further harm to your teeth and maintain a healthy smile.

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Don’t ignore any signs of discoloration, dark spots, or rough edges on your teeth. Instead, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to discuss whether a dental filling may be necessary. With proper care and treatment, you can restore your smile and enjoy optimal oral health for years. Visit Julian Center for comprehensive dentistry for more information about teeth fillings and what to expect.

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