Top 6 Procedures Performed in Children’s Dentistry

Top 6 Procedures Performed in Children’s Dentistry

May 01, 2021

A lot goes on in children’s dentistry. Kids have varying oral needs, and different growth and development stages. All these calls for specialized dental care, with is why children’s dentist in Ellicott City exists. The role of children’s dentist in the life of your child will keep changing as your child keeps growing. Right from infancy, your child is ready to visit a dentist for children near you.

If you have never taken your child to a dentist, perhaps learning more about the processes and procedures entailed in children dentistry can help you reach that decision much quicker.

What Is Children’s Dentistry?

It is a dental specialty dedicated to catering to only the oral needs of children. The specialty caters to children between infancy and teenagehood, addressing the different oral needs that emerge thereof. For some kids, many dental treatments may be necessary, while others only require regular checkups for maintenance. Either way, a child’s oral health is safer in the hands of a dentist near you than not.

Procedures to Expect in Children Dentistry

Whether it’s your first time or not, taking your child to a dentist can be nerve-wracking if you do not know what to expect. The worry over whether something is wrong with your child can get you nervous in a dentist’s office near you. Other than children-friendly dental experts and staff members, here are some children dentistry procedures and services you should expect:​

  • Dental exams – these are mandatory for every specialty of dentistry. The dental expert in charge has to check your oral cavity to determine the state thereof. A dental exam is the only way to ascertain the proper diagnosis as well as the treatments needful thereof. Depending on what oral issues your child has, dental exams may range from mere physical tests to in-depth digital tests for prognosis.
  • Dental cleanings – like with adults, children need their teeth cleaned occasionally by a professional. This not only helps rid their mouths of plaque and tartar but also sets them off on the right path oral hygiene-wise.
  • Fluoride treatment – other than keeping teeth clean, there is the underlying need to protect them from oral cavities and dental decay. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 years are very prone to dental caries. Dental experts in children dentistry, therefore, use fluoride treatment as a measure to prevent cavities, by boosting the strength of teeth using fluoride varnishes.
  • Orthodontic treatment – most orthodontic treatments are performed on children, to ensure that their teeth are properly aligned and situated in their jawbone as they grow. The nature of treatment differs for every child, with some benefiting from oral appliances like space maintainers, while others requiring metal braces to straighten their teeth. Either way, orthodontics for children is paramount in the pursuit of excellent oral health.
  • Nutritional counseling – you may never know whether or not your child needs nutritional supplements to keep up with proper health. Dentists, however, know exactly what children need to excel in both their oral and overall body health. Nutritional counseling helps you understand how you can adjust the eating habits of your child, by including healthy foods and retraining your child on proper food habits. Instead of candies and pastries all day, your dentist can help your child lean more toward fruits and veggies. The counseling will also involve habit retraining, to help your child quit bad oral habits and trade them for healthy ones. Some habits to quit include thumb-sucking, fingernail-biting, teeth grinding, overuse of a pacifier, to mention a few.
  • Restorative treatments – while your dentist may hope for the best, some kids require restorative treatments for the damages in their oral cavities. The treatments differ from one kid to another. It is within the jurisdiction of a children dentist to detect and diagnose any underlying oral problem in a child’s mouth, and offer the appropriate treatment. Some restorative treatments include using dental fillings, tooth extractions, dental crowns, to mention a few. Unfortunately, some of these treatments have to be offered in emergency children dental clinics, if they are severe and urgent in nature.

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