Dental Bridge Vs. Implant for Front Tooth

Jul 01, 2022

When you lose a front tooth, the loss, besides impacting your smile, also makes it challenging to bite foods with your incisors, compelling you to swallow large chunks of food. As a result, you realize that getting replacements is essential to maintain your appearance and avoid the consequences of tooth loss.

Searching for replacements from various dental professionals, you receive offers for a dental bridge for front teeth and a dental implant. Unfortunately, not knowing how either of the replacement options benefit you is a common problem confronted by many losing their teeth. However, this article looks to clarify all your apprehensions to help you make an informed decision when getting tooth replacements.

Procedures for Getting Dental Bridges and Dental Implants

The procedures for getting dental bridges or implants to replace your missing front tooth are both different.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

If you consider dental bridges to replace the missing tooth, you can get the substitute in approximately three weeks to have a natural-looking replacement tooth in your mouth. However, you must prepare for two appointments with the provider of dental bridges.

If you have two healthy teeth neighboring the missing tooth gap, the teeth require reshaping by filing the tops and sides to accommodate dental crowns to hold the dental bridge between them. The process is uncomfortable and performed under local anesthesia. After reshaping your teeth, your provider impressions them to customize your dental crowns and bridge for the dental laboratory. You receive temporary bridges to protect the prepared teeth until the dental lab returns your permanent restoration.

In about three weeks, you must revisit the provider to have your dental bridge cemented in your mouth. The provider starts by removing the temporary replacements and checking your permanent bridge for color and fit. If all things are acceptable, the provider cements the dental crowns over the prepared teeth and the replacement tooth between them to bridge the gap in your mouth.

The Dental Implant Procedure

On the other hand, if you prefer getting a dental implant for front teeth, you can have the implant placed in one day by undergoing surgery. However, dental implant placement can proceed only if you are in good oral and physical health.

Placing dental implants also requires you to undergo surgery under anesthesia. The provider makes incisions in your gums and drills deep into your jawbone to place a titanium post that functions as your artificial tooth root. You can receive a temporary replacement tooth over the implant immediately but must realize it needs replacement after your recovery from the surgical procedure in about three to six months.

While the temporary tooth covers the gap in your mouth, using it as your natural tooth requires you to wait for your recovery because the implanted titanium post must integrate with your body. You must also care for the implant and the temporary replacement to ensure you don’t damage it.

The Benefits of Both Procedures for Front Teeth

Getting dental implants or bridges to replace front teeth is beneficial with a few differences. Tooth replacements with implants appear and function like your natural teeth. Dental implants are the sole self-supporting replacement option currently available and don’t rely on the neighboring teeth for support. The artificial tooth root created by the implant makes this tooth replacement solution the most secure.

If you choose dental bridges, you benefit by closing the gap in your mouth, but the procedure compromises the structure of the neighboring healthy teeth, and the bridge is not secured to your gums. Therefore while remaining a suitable replacement option for missing front teeth, bridges have drawbacks because they rest on the neighboring teeth and are secured by them.

Which Option Is Affordable and Long-Lasting

If you want an affordable and long-lasting solution, dental implants will not satisfy your requirements because they are expensive and cost around $ 6000 for the entire procedure. However, they remain with you for life after you recover from the process and the implant integrates with your body.

Dental bridges will also cost around $ 3000 because you need three dental crowns to cover the missing tooth gap. Two dental crowns to function as abutment teeth on your natural teeth and one dental crown to function as your replacement tooth.

Dental bridges might appear affordable in the short term but need replacements in approximately seven to ten years. On the contrary, an investment of $ 6000 in one dental implant gives you a replacement tooth for life.

Instead of deciding on the replacement option for your missing front tooth, you help yourself by talking to the dental implant specialist near you, who explains why dental implants are the better option if your budget permits you to have them. Therefore, you must decide before considering either option for replacing your missing tooth.

Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry provides implants and bridges for front tooth replacements. An appointment with us will give you comprehensive information on which option best suits your needs.

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