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Can You Pull an Infected Tooth?

Apr 01, 2023

Pulling a tooth is a challenge you wouldn’t want to confront, whether it is infected or not. However, your dentist can decide to remove an infected tooth, although they might not do so occasionally, considering the extent and severity of the infection.

Dentists can pull infected teeth leaving you extremely unhappy about the situation because you will experience severe pain if they proceed. Our intention in this article is to explain why infected teeth can be pulled and when it is better to wait, besides explaining why you should avoid delaying the extraction. Exceptions in life exist, making it essential to consider this situation as one.

Can an Infected Tooth Be Extracted?

Of course, an infected tooth is removable because the condition does not preclude the tooth from physical removal. Nothing can prevent the dentist from removing your tooth if it affects your oral health.

If you consider the extraction logically, you will realize the dentist in Ellicott City offers treatment for an infected tooth indicating tooth removal is a method of getting rid of the infection. An alternative to tooth removal is a root canal to drain the infection.

Studies have demonstrated that removing an infected tooth results in faster recovery. This is in contrast to draining the infection and suggesting antibiotics without removing the tooth. For example, consider a fractured tooth with 50 percent missing and the remaining portion appearing jagged. In addition, you may have a pimple beneath the gums arising like it is ready to pop out if you accidentally stretch your mouth while eating.

Severely infected teeth are best extracted instead of restoring them, making tooth extractions the only treatment option for your situation. After removing the tooth, the infection clears up, making the gum boil disappear within a week.

The situations mentioned are relatively common, and dentists suggest removing the infected tooth without complications. However, there are situations when they might hesitate and recommend you delay the treatment.

When Do Dentists Hesitate to Remove an Infected Tooth?

When dentists aren’t sure where the infection originates, they hesitate to pull your tooth. The situations that compel them to do so are severe swelling and infection and challenges for them to get numb.

Treatment for such infections includes draining the condition besides extracting the offending tooth. However, in situations where you cannot get numb for the process, the dentist will hesitate to proceed with the treatment. Occasionally dentists are fortunate to receive patients who can get numb.

Numbing medications don’t work when excessive swelling and abscess in the area restrict the numbing medications from blocking pain impulses. The drugs cannot reach the nerves as desired because of severe infection. In addition, the tooth and surrounding tissue become hypersensitive to pain with inflammation. The condition indicates that if the patient doesn’t feel pain regularly, they will feel pain because of the inflammation. It results in an increased perception of pain during the therapy.

Infected teeth can undoubtedly be pulled because the infection does not prohibit the tooth from extraction. However, certain situations may make it beneficial for you to wait for some time before going ahead with the tooth removal. For example, it may become necessary if you and the dentist at the dental office near me cannot pinpoint the source of the pain.

Occasionally, removing a tooth becomes a challenge because the numbing medications won’t work on you. In addition, the severity of the swelling and abscess can prevent your body from getting numb. Therefore it is essential to visit your dentist for six monthly exams and cleanings to ensure they can detect minor problems to provide timely treatments if required, besides giving you a treatment plan created explicitly for you to care for your oral health.

However, if you confront a situation that sends you seeking emergency dental care near me for an infected tooth, it helps if you prepare by learning what you can expect without making attempts to delay treatment because an infected tooth in your jaw creates more problems than a straightforward tooth extraction. Instead, the emergency dentist can provide you with pain relievers and antibiotics to control the infection and manage it for a few days before scheduling a repeat appointment to have the tooth removed to benefit your oral health.

If you have a severely infected tooth that needs removal, Julian Center helps determine when you can receive the treatment without rushing you into it. Consult them today to assess the severity of your infection and receive treatment as recommended by the dentists to benefit your dental health.

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